Fmovies 2021: Download Latest Movies From Fmoviesto official site

Fmovies 2021: You all know how hard it is to make a movie. Actors, actresses, directors, editors spend a lot of time, money, and energy while making a movie. The result of their hard work is a good box office collection, TRP, good reviews from the public, and awards.

Some Piracy websites like Fmovies give internet users the opportunity to download the latest movies for free. Some movies are leaked on the internet within 2 days of coming to the theater for this kind of website. 


This has an impact on box office earnings as well as the careers of film industry professionals. Directors, producers are losing a lot of money for this website, something like Fmoviesto.

These websites have a huge impact on the film community as well as OTT platforms, cinema halls, TV channels. Websites like Fmovies are now a source of free entertainment. This is why the people of the movie industry are appealing to the government to shut down all these websites. 

And the government has shut down many Piracy websites at their request. Popular websites like Tamilrockers have also been shut down by the government. Maybe many of you know about Tamilrockers website. 

If you don't know anything about Tamilrockers website then comment below. Then I will also publish an article about Tamilrockers website. Anyway, let's get to the main topic.

If you use all of these websites, you may have noticed that website owners change the URL of this type of website every 1 to 2 months. Many Internet users are unable to access this website due to URL changes. 

In fact, if the URL of this type of website is the same for a long time, then the people of the movie industry can complain to the government against this website. 

So the owners of this type of website have to change the URL of their website frequently. But you don't have to worry. Because I will share in this article how you will access this website.

Let us know what information you can find out by reading this interesting article. By reading this article you can know all the information about Fmovies website, you can find out all the URL addresses of this website, you will learn how to access this website, you can learn how to download movies from this website, You can find out the names of some alternative websites of Fmovies website, and many more. 

So let's start the article without wasting your precious time. Hello guys, welcome to my website. I am Avik Sardar. I write articles on this kind of interesting topic. Let's first know the history of this website.

About Fmovies 2021: Fmoviesto official site 

This website was created 10 years ago from today. In 2011 the URL of this website was (fmovies io). The law was not so strict in 2011 so websites like (fmovies io) gained popularity very quickly. According to old news sources, from 2011 to 2015, only fmovies websites were popular in the world of the internet. Then in 2016, this website was shut down by the government. This website was renamed (fmovie wtf) after the government shut it down. However, even after shutting down this website, this website would have leaked new movies on the internet.

You will be surprised to know that movies from 12 countries are uploaded on this website. The names of the countries are - 

  1. United States
  2. Asia (Continent)
  3. Korea
  4. United Kingdom
  5. Japan
  6. France
  7. Euro
  8. Thailand
  9. China
  10. India
  11. Hongkong
  12. Taiwan

Today I will share good news for Fmovies website users. The good news is that Fmovies website has made their official website again in 2021. "New website link, it is safe or not to use new websites, How to download movies from the new website ?" etc. this kind of All the information I have shared in this article. 

Alternatives Fo FMovies Website

There are many new websites like this one in the market right now. Let's see the names of some Alternatives websites of FMovies website.

  • YesMovies
  • 123Movies
  • VMovee
  • Vumoo
  • Nites Movies
  • FreeFlix 
  • Bmovies 
  • Putlocker
  • Yo-Movies
  • Film Watchers
  • CMoviesHD 
  • SolarMovieMovie4k
  • Yidio

All The URLs of Fmovies (Why can't I access the F movies website? 

Friends, I mentioned above that this is an illegal website. This is why the owner of this website has to change the URL of his/her website every month so that the government cannot shut down this website. For this reason, many Internet users are unable to access this website. To solve this problem for you, I have shared below all the URL addresses of this website.

  • (Fmovies io)
  • (Fmovies Websites)
  • (Fmoviespro)
  • (Fmovies pink)
  • (Fmoviesto)
  • (Fmovies sites)
  •  (fmoviesmom)
  • (fmovies9)
  • (fmovies2)

Fmovies 2021: Download Latest Movies From Fmoviesto official site 

This is an illegal website, many questions are running through your head after knowing it. like

  • How to download movies from Fmovies website?
  • Will I go to jail or be fined for downloading a movie illegally?
  • How To Earn Money Fmovies Website Owner?
  • Can my personal information be stolen if I use the Fmovies website?
  • Is it safe to use the Fmovies website?

Now is the time to answer all your questions. Because you have the right to know all the information about this website. So guys, let's start.

QNS's About Fmovies 2021: Fmovies official site 

Question 1: How to access the real Fmovies Website?

Answer: Currently, the URLs of the real Fmovies website are - ( & In addition, another way to recognize this website is by looking at the image below. If you look at the design of a website like a picture below, you will understand that it is the URL of the Fmovies official website.

Question 2: How To Download Movies From YIFY Fmovies official Website?

Answer: Friends, there are no pop ads on this website. So you can use this website very easily without an adblocker. But you should use VPN for your own protection. It is very easy to download movies from this website. After visit this website, click on the movie you want to download. Then a new page will open. That new page will have a "Watch Free Now" button. If you click on that button then the process will start.

Question 4: How To Earn Money Fmovie WTF Website Owner?

Answer: You may be surprised to hear that the Fmovie WTF website currently receives 5.64 million traffic per month. Usually, the owner of the website earns an income of .50 to 1 dollar for one thousand traffic to the website. Now you can estimate the monthly income of this website. In addition, the rank of this website is 8,877 in the whole world. And the rank of this website in India is 886.

Question 5: Will I go to jail for downloading a movie illegally?

Answer: According to law, yes. But to date, no one has been arrested for downloading the movie. According to law, If a person is arrested for downloading a movie And the man will be punished only if it is proved that he/she was downloading the movie. But it is an impossible task. To date, no one has been arrested for this reason.

*Let us know now what punishment will be meted out to anyone if it is proved in court that he was downloading a movie?

Answer: According to the law, a person convicted of such an offense will be sentenced to six months to three years in prison. And there may be fines of 50,000 to 200000 dollars.

Question 6: What is the government doing to stop this kind of website?

Answer: The government has tried and is still trying to block such websites. But the government has not yet succeeded in this endeavor. Many of you may not know but the identity of the website is the URL of that website. 

Whenever the government blocks a URL, the website owner creates another website with the same name. But the URL changes a bit. Again, it takes 5 to 6 months for the government to find this new URL. And if the new URL is blocked then the same thing happens again. For this reason, the government has not yet been able to block such websites.

Question 6: Can my personal information be stolen if I use the Fmoviesto  Website?

Answer: I will not answer this question, the answer to this question is given on the privacy policy page of all websites. Usually, if you do not register or comment on a website, then no one will know your personal information.

Question 7: Is it safe to use the "F Movies" Website?

Answer: According to the owner of F Movies, this is a secure website. But usually, this type of website does not follow any rules. As you are reading this article, you have come to understand the potential for harm in using this website. Whether or not you use this type of website is entirely up to you.

Fmovies 2021: Download Latest Movies From Fmoviesto official site 

Share in the comment box how you like this article. If you get any value after reading this article, then share the article everywhere. I write articles on this kind of interesting topic. If you like reading this type of article, then shave this website in your bookmarks. I will meet you with another interesting topic. Until then, stay healthy, stay well.

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